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Artwork Credit: Heather Collett

Artwork Credit: Heather Collett

This weekend, I was thinking a lot about home.  Canada that is.  That even though I’ve subscribed to the life of a wanderer who is current rooted in the deep saturated heat, I am firmly from the great North.  I even considered a pair of second hand moccasins the other day.  I miss the vastness.  And despite growing up in the big urban smoke of Toronto, I always knew that to the north, there was an infinite expanse of beauty waiting to be discovered.  Some find the long distances between civilizations unnerving. I love them.  There is nothing like a road trip across Canada.

So when I was looking for this morning’s little visual coffee break, I stumbled on this beauty from the folks over at Cereal Magazine. It struck a nerve in the best way possible.  The way certain lyrics of a certain home spun band do.  

Y U K O N from Cereal on Vimeo.


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