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Morning team. Tiff is out sick this morning, because she has the flu. Send all of your healing vibes to her, along with all of your ginger juice and pho. Cait is almost literally buried under piles of fabric, because the new collection is going into production once she stops messing with every single design like a damn tweaker.

This very emotional, and very important journey from Ireland to the UK.

One of my favourite stories about Syrian refugees re-starting their lives in Canada.

I think this is kind of a cool way to raise money for the Louisiana floods. #teambritney, always.

Best use for Lego.

These popsicles look delicious.

A web-series about baking bread? Yes please.

The mere thought of wearing a jacket has me so excited.

Unfortunately, this period of recovery is not voluntary.  But if you can do it, you should.

THAT’S RIGHT. Hometown, Tucson, given fancy food award because they make all the deliciousness. T-loc for life.

I wish I had this advice in my twenties.


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