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Tiffany TsangHooray! We’ve made it to two years on the blog. Thanks for hanging out with us! We interviewed each other about where we were then, and where we are now. Spoiler alert, we’ve changed a lot.

What were you doing two years ago, professionally?

Cait: I had stepped away from my career in public health already, tanked a job with a private sector organization that I loathed, and had made one dress. My professional life was nothing to brag about and I was trying to find something that I loved. I had just done a few drawings for myself and Tiff, and was trying to figure out how to draw pants.

Tiff: I remember it exactly.  I was in between assignments.  Still working in public health for a very large international organization, not feeling quite fulfilled. As in, my wages were going up, but levels of responsibility weren’t.  And I was still being occasionally referred to as an intern.  There were also a lot of older men, and I’d do a little dance whenever another woman would step into the room.  That’s where I was.

How did you feel about it?

Cait: Not great. Giant ball of self-doubt and insecurity, pretty sexy stuff.

Tiff: I loved the field work and the act of public health research.  But I realized that the things I loved about the job when I was 23 no longer matched what I wanted from the job when I was about to turn 30.  I also had a boss who told me that a career pivot every five or so years is the best thing a person could do, so I thought, why not?

What are you doing now?

Cait: I’m moving! I got a job with a handbag company in Los Angeles and I am spending the next week in Phnom Penh hugging my friends and drinking coconuts. I am putting the final touches on my second line, just finished two badass wedding dresses, trying to remember where I put my fun jeans. When I get to LA, I will be working on branding, writing, and fabric sourcing for one of my best friends. The blog will live on, stronger than ever, and I can’t wait to see how it grows.

Tiff: I’ve got a good thing going.  Aside from the flu that I’m recovering from right now.  I work part time in communications for a very cool project that promotes technology and development in Cambodia.  I’m surrounded by amazing young people and I have such a great lady boss that I look up to.  When I’m not there, I’ve got the blog with Cait, and I’ve got myself a little photography business now.  During busy periods, I’ll be shooting families on the weekend and perhaps some product and editorial on the weekdays. I also find myself helping smaller start ups develop their brand and social media identity.

How do you feel  about it now?

Cait:  Good, really good. I am ready for this, and can’t wait to dive in. Change is hard and blah blah blah, but the people I love will stay with me, and I mean that literally. When they come to visit me in LA, they will stay with me, and I will burn their passports. Shit, don’t publish that second part.

Tiff: It’s basically the best career pivot I could have ever asked for.  We both gave ourselves time to learn, marinate, practice, fail, learn from our mistakes, and all of the nuances.  I know I’ve still got a really long road to go by, but I’m so happy about what I’ve achieved so far and how much room there is for me to grow.  I’m not satisfied or complacent with things.  I’m really eager to learn more about the sector.

Favourite thing in the last year?

Cait: The fashion show in February. Me, my parents, all my favorite PP people in one place, putting my little creative heart out there and crying all the happy tears. Probably the best day in the last decade.

Tiff: Hands down, shooting all these beautiful and wonderful ladies for Cait’s lookbook.

Thing you’re most excited about in moving forward?

Cait: Tacos, and Tiff coming to California! To eat tacos!

Tiff: Two words: Joshua. Tree.



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