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Photo Credit: unknown

Photo Credit: unknown

Morning team. It’s a get-things-done day, and the list is long. Cait is busy getting the last few pieces of the collection into the tailor and packing for the big move on Saturday. Living in a state of denial has proven useful.  Tiff is learning that “post viral fatigue” is a thing and has decided to take an all out war against it.

This Kenzo commercial is awesome and bonkers and I love it.

What a beautiful and creative way to shoot jewelry!

I had no idea that Amy Tan was so funny. This is from a while ago, but still good.

Pretty leather bags from a cause I can definitely get behind.

Need more photos of food on your Instagram? Here you go.

Are you a cafe leech?

There will never, ever, be anyone like Gene Wilder.

I am actually very bad at this.  But hopefully these will help.

Another one for Gene. His performance in Willy Wonka made me appreciate darkness in beauty, and chocolate.

I could spend hours hating on the McMansion.


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