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T / the creative rut, and how I’m getting out of it

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Photo Credit: Klaudia Medano

Photo Credit: Klaudia Medano

I am sitting in front of my computer.  And I can’t get started.  Actually.  No.  That’s a lie.  I started a bunch of things this morning.  Then I inevitably deleted them after more than a few frustrating attempts that only yielded fitfuls of “ugh.”  So that’s been my week.  In addition to struggling to get my energy and my appetite back, I’ve also been trying to get “it” back.  I’m sure you know what “it” is.  And it’s not just relegated to those in the creative field, but…really…anything.  When you’re feeling hungry, but you don’t know what to eat.  No amount of coffee, or spice will pick this meal up.  Everything is just, blah?

So I decided to see what the experts have to say about it.  Because I’d really like to get out of this.

1. Let yourself play. I think I’m gonna go find one of my colouring books and go a bit nuts today. (Thanks Jane Parter @fastcompany!)

2. I’m going to take a little step back.  Notice that there is a lot going on right now (hello jobs and clients, see you later Cait, all the things) and make tiny adjustments. (Merci Victoria!)

3. I’m gonna go have lunch with someone awesome.  (Create & Cultivate always has the best tips)

4. I’m gonna try to trick my brain a bit (Design*Sponge is so lucky to have Adam J. Kurtz)

5. I’m going to go do the dishes and laundry.  Because I might not get anything done today. But at least I’ll at least feel good about an empty sink and a pile of clean towels that won’t get folded (that’s a pure piece of Tiff advice).

Fingers crossed on these working!


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