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Photo Credit: Create & Cultivate

Photo Credit: Create & Cultivate

There’s something about September.  It’s pretty much my favourite month.  Everything comes with a sense of newness.  I get all of the new school supplies. It’s the month of my birthday.  There is pretty much new everything.  Everything just gets better in September.  Which is why on this Monday of all Mondays, I’m just so excited for Cait and I.  Things are just coming along swimmingly and my manic excited self is back after two weeks of viral shedding (I’m infection free and taking hugs and sharing drinks!).

And all this comes with a fresh attitude which I found myself happily doused in this morning.  So when this little video from the cool kids at i-D showed up on my feed this weekend, I knew I had to share it.  Because September is all about defining a new attitude.  I remember starting each school year, and sometimes each school, with an idea of who I wanted to be and how I wanted to be seen (hello new wardrobe). I love this little video so much and I hope it gives you the same sense of wonder for new beginnings as it has for me today.


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