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Photo Credit: Gosia Herbert via Miss Moss

Artwork Credit: Gosia Herbert via Miss Moss

Tiff is shooting all the babies this week. And the bumps. So many bumps. Cait is sleepy and was worried about Tiff shooting babies until she remembered that she is talking about a camera, and now we are cool again. Cait is just back in Tucson for a minute before the move to LA, and wrangling all the avocados possible.

How to get featured in a street style blog during Fashion Week? Easy.

Ugh, Tiff’s PM is the cutest. Wait for the slow-mo “sorry.”

A great read that really pulled it all together for me on the cultural appropriation debate.

I am going to watch all of this, so hard. #teamremini

Mark Duplass’ TIFF advice for bootstrapping it to success in the film industry. So good.

Good to know that we will all be fine. #bradgzit? Will that pick up?

Learning about this word really helped me get all my crap together over the past week.

I am on this tumblr all the time, and this is one of my favorites.

Dinner this week!

Kerry Washington is everything I want to be.


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