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Photo Credit: Rima Shah

Photo Credit: Rima Shah

Welcome to Wednesday. Cait is in LA, Tiff in Phnom Penh, and that is how it’s going to be for a while on this blog, so get ready for some confusingly disjointed content. Cait is house hunting and seriously considering donating an organ or two to get the bungalow she wants. How much does a kidney go for?  This week Tiff is shooting boobs…and babies! Together sometimes and other times separately.  Either way – always fun.  In any case, we’re both getting stuff did and we hope you have a happy humpday!!!

Man Repeller on the color that cannot be interrupted.

If you know about Ali Wong already, then this will bring even more love.  (and if you don’t know Ali Wong, read it anyways and you will love her).

Garance Doré is celebrating 10 years of bringing pretty things to the world. SO many pretty things.

All the tiny little shops!

Backup career?

So you want to start a food blog?

Cool piece on the expense of living someone else’s dream.

Dream shooting location.  So jealous of Alice!!

Oh oh! Me me! Now I have to do all of these things, like now.

A hosting skill I would very much like to have.



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  1. This is a photograph by Sølve Sundsbø is a Norwegian fashion photographer. Could you please change this? Thanks!

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