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Photo via Makers Mess

It’s been almost a week in LA, and every day has been different. I am happy to be here, happy it’s cooling down (a little) and happy that my horchata to body mass ratio is about 50:50. But not all my days have been full of happy, it’s bizarre to be in a new place that I don’t really know, and be totally comfortable saying “yeah, I am going to sign up for this life in a semi-permanent way.” I spent most of Monday looking at real estate in New York, because I was convinced that I had made a huge mistake. I still might have, but I am liking this place more and more each day.

To calm my nerves a bit, I signed up for a weaving class at Makers Mess. I have wanted to learn how to weave since my aunt gave me the prettiest dish towels in the world and told me she had made them, which seemed impossible. Also, the thought of doing something with my hands for three hours makes this spazoid chill out.


Picking colors is honestly the hardest part of the whole thing.

The class was wonderful, and addictive. The Weaving for Beginners class was taught by Kellee, of Kellee Creative. She is a professional weaver and instructor, based here in Silverlake, and so much fun to learn from. We started the class with wine, cheese, and cookies, as you do, and then got to open a bag of goodies and tools, that were ours to keep. She showed us how to set up the loom, had us pick out colors, and we got started.



She taught a few different weaves, how to make tassels and fringe, and encouraged us to play with different yarns and textures. A few sample pieces were placed on the table for reference and inspiration, and it was so cool to see how different all of our pieces turned out.

This is mine! I made this with my hands!


It was so much fun, and I am weirdly proud of this little wall hanging. By the end of the class I was convinced I should probably go pro. I also had three glasses of wine, but I am sure those things aren’t related.

To see and buy the work of an actual pro, check out Kellee on Etsy and Chairish.




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