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Artwork Credit: Ranganth Krishnamani

Artwork Credit: Ranganth Krishnamani

Good morning/evening. Welcome to the mid-point of your work week, or if you are a person in LA, welcome to another brunch day. Tiff is planning a trip to a green lush lovefest, which will go very well with her sweet new haircut. Cait fell asleep in yoga this morning, woke up after everyone else was sitting up, knocked over her metal water bottle and said “balls” loud enough for Tiff to hear in Cambodia. Namaste, bitches.

This book also came out on October 4 and I also can’t wait to get my hands on it. Plus Toronto homies.

I am not usually into scary movies, but this looks too good. Peele FTW.

Thank you Joy for sparking all the ideas for my vintage kimono collection.

Samantha Bee 4evR.

No seriously, I actually want to get my hands on these.

All this Gucci, my god.

Such great thoughts on personal style.

Here for lunch! Double decker potato tacos? Ok.

One of those crazy little delicious things that I fondly remember from a stint in South Africa so many moons ago.

Still looking for the perfect place in LA, and I think I just found it! Assuming its super affordable.



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