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Photo Credit: Old Faithful Shop

Photo Credit: Old Faithful Shop

I mostly work in the digital sphere.  Everything is pixels. But lately, I’ve been really wanting to touch my things.  Maybe all those conversations with Corbett about high quality paper are finally getting to me.  Random fact: did you know that it’s hard to find good paper in Southeast Asia because it goes bad so easily?  With all that humidity, retailers are not likely to stock that aged parchment you’re looking for. What’s a millennial with a growing interest in stationary to do?

short-stack-collection_670Anyways – back to what I really wanted to share with you today.  Short Stack.  What a perfect name.  These little guys make the perfect gift for your favourite home cook.  I love the idea of them so much – high quality old fashioned brown paper stock, held together with kitchen twine, containing recipes all based around a theme ingredient, all by the same foodie author.  Oh and the design. Don’t even get me started on the retrograde graphics created by Rotem Raffe.  Buy them all and bring them as a gift to all your dinner party hosts.  And you’ll see them with all the cooking splatter stains when you return.

PS – These guys are coming with with their own cookbook next week!

PPS – here’s a tiny little video.

shortstack from Rotem Raffe on Vimeo.


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