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Photo Credit: Home-Work

Photo Credit: Home-Work

I like a good splash of repetition.  Colours, shapes, preferably geometric, so-so on the florals, and only recently coming to appreciate pastels.  And I love a good designer who knows how to embrace that.  And when textile designers also make things?  Even better.  Today’s little post comes from a rabbit whole I fell into the other night.  You know the kind I’m talking about.  Where one Instagrammer leaders to another, and you just keep scrolling, and following until it’s 1am and you are on the verge on going totally gonzo.  Being the stalker I am, I’d love to get the story behind these talented ladies making the prettiest things. 

Anyways. So I present to you – a few favourite textile designers, makers and ladybosses I totally fell for one rainy Phnom Penh night.

Kindah Khalidy

Kindah Khalidy

Kindah Khalidi is a Bay area textile designer and I fell in love with her splashes of bright.  They’re exactly the kind of pattern I would include in my wardrobe.  Also, she’s kind of a big deal, her stuff has not only graced the cottons of Anthropologie and Old Navy, but the United Nations are also big fans.  Her Instagram is your brightness on a cloudy monsoon day.



Australian designers don’t get enough attention IMHO.  Home-Work is one of these guys.  Not only may they have graced your desktop, but they could be all over your phone too.  These ladies go backstage on their Instagram and I love seeing all the silk screen work, the ideation and inspiration that goes into their wide strokes.



I’m a girl who likes her natural fibres. Put an organic dye and a pattern on them and I am through the moon. PO-EM achieves exactly just that and I love seeing all the pretty things on their Instagram.

Shuh Lee

Shuh Lee

Shuh Lee is my girl Jane’s art school friend!  And more than enough evidence that I need to get my butt to Melbourne.  She might also be the reason I’ve embraced softer tones as of late.  Shuh Lee’s Instagram shows process, product and play.  I’m a fan.



dusendusen is already a big player in the area of pattern play. They could be all over your home and your body already.  Everything is geometric and playful, so they were an immediate follow.  I like to seeing what new shapes come up in their brains anytime.  Orange paint splash overalls? Don’t mind if I do.


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