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C / coconut time

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  I’m on the airplane in Chicago right now, getting ready to push back from the gate and fly across the North Pole and land in Seoul. Quick run through the Hello Kitty Cafe, and I’m on my way to Cambodia for two weeks. 

I am excited to see friends, get DOWN on some coconuts, and sweat from my face, constantly. I have a difficult relationship with Cambodia, but we love each other, and I can’t wait to see my stinky, passive-aggressive, pseudo-hometown. 

My grown up airplane checklist is complete. 

  • Embarrassing giant pink fuzzy socks: check. 
  • Stolen Twix from the lounge: check. 
  • Strapless bra: check. 
  • Crazy face mask to wear during flight to creep out other passengers: check. 
  • Starbucks instant coffee packets to snort as needed while dealing with jet lag: check. (No, not really snorting.)

If you are in the Cambodia area in the next two weeks, I would love to see you. Friends, get ready for needy Caitlin noodle time.

Xx, Cait 


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