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Photo Credit: Laurel Golio for Girls at Library

Photo Credit: Laurel Golio for Girls at Library

We are reunited!!!! Cait and Tiff are back together in Phnom Penh and are about to clear out the city’s noodle supply at lunch. It’s going to be a half-tired, half-super excited week, with all the friend dates and strategic naps we can manage.

I cannot wait to get my hands on this new book…whose author I’m like within six degrees with.

Extremely excited for this playlist, anything that has old school Mariah and Roxette in sequence is a winner in my book.

I’ve definitely gone through “this change.”   My couch, partner and a nice home cooked dinner win most nights.

Oooo pretty things.

Really wanting one of these guys right now! But am I willing to actually do it?!?!?

Oh dang, Red Wing shoes for women. Finally.

Inside the closets of SNL!  I wonder how they keep that orange wig.

It’s a slightly strange feeling to to be super happy for someone you don’t know, but yay!

Being in a bi-racial, bi-national relationship, I really dug this read.

Some of the most beautiful, most unwearable designers, Junya Watanabe, talks to the Times.



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