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Photo Credit: Kenesha Sneed (via Miss Moss)

When your body says no, but all you want to do is shoot and party.  Such is life.  And so, while Cait’s Internets flails in upper Laos, my throat is rebelling against me.  Alanis Morissette is on repeat.  My plan is to will my body back to health so that by Saturday, I’m more than golden.  Also: Oktoberfest.

So I’m all about the meditative things today.  In my world, that means toning a thousand photos while finishing the last episodes of Mr. Robot.   In bed. But I love learning what that means for others.  Which brings me to this little video from the fine folks at Saint Heron (aka Solange Knowles’ new album and brank spanking new cultural hub).  Featuring ceramicist Kenesha Sneed and her line, Tactile Matter, I love the tones and rhythm of this little video.  She hits all the notes: her work, diversity, and the value of a special item. 

Enjoy 🙂



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