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Photo Credit: Julien Mauve

Photo Credit: Julien Mauve

So I ran away to Bali.  I was planning on unplugging and having a social media diet.  But let’s face it, that’s not happening in this climate.  But I wanted to keep the momentum for change going.  Though I’m not American, I want to keep supporting the amazing efforts that support rights and welfare for everyone that are going down in Canada’s pants.  Because that’s what we would do for anyone.  Don’t move to Canada.  We’d love for you to.  But there is so much that can be done, even if you think you’re like Jimmy Stewart at the beginning of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. And hell, if you offered me a green card, I’d be down there too.

I feel like we all need a pick me up right now.  i-D usually knows how to do that.  Diversity, girls, culture.  To a beat. There.  Let’s all go support communities and find some young upstarts that will lead the next charge for positive change at all levels of society in all the places.


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