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Photo Credit: Luke Shadbolt for Gary Pepper Girl.

Photo Credit: Luke Shadbolt for Gary Pepper Girl.

Hi everyone, hope you are having a good Wednesday. Tiff’s in Bali living the real hard life this week. And in true Tiff fashion she’s bursting with links, so she snuck a lot of Bali themed links in this week. Cait is in LA, and is getting a mattress today, so the level of glamour and excitement in our lives is exactly the same. Hope you have a great rest of your week, and please remember to not return to your everyday life, stay connected to the people around you and what is going on in the world. Also, note that this design/fashion blog may be kidnapped by equality revolutionaries for a while, so get ready to hear a LOT about empowerment and community development. Just a heads up.

Katie went to Bali and came up with all the prettiest pictures and best places.

Garance also went to Bali. Solo. And had the best time.

Our gal pals @abodialifestyle would love all the pretty things in Bali’s Kim Soo.

If I had a few more dollars, I’d absolutely want to be living up Sam’s Bali.

I wish I could spend all the weekends in Bali.

You can guess who provided those links. Cait will now counter with all LA everything.

Sometimes I look at insane houses just because it’s fun.

Hotel concierge stories. My favorite is the lion at the dinner table.

Keep these in mind for when you all come visit me.

And we can stay here in Palm Springs, in all of it’s mid-century glory.

LA high school kids are organizing like crazy, so can we.



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