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Hi guys, happy Friday and stuff. There has been a lot of talk recently about “speaking with your wallet,” which basically means to put your money where your mouth is, and not put your wallet in front of your mouth and make it flap around when you talk. (Though, that would be hilarious.)

Shopping in the right places is a political act. Not shopping at places because of the values they hold, is also a political act, and if you are less than pleased with how things are going right now, do something. Even if it’s through your holiday shopping.

For the next few weeks, and probably continuing after, I will highlighting cool companies that treat employees ethically, use sustainable and renewable materials, and that are run by great people. I did a few of these in the spring, but I got lazy and decided that the blog space should be filled with my awkward rants on life and change and my feelings. I am sure those were super important to you, but I think these ethical fashion post might be slightly more helpful.

If you want change, support the people who are doing it right, and do it early. Shipping takes a minute, and so does small-batch production. Don’t do it during the crazy-ass shopping season when everyone acts like an asshole to get some dumb toy. Start now, look for companies that make cool stuff and plan ahead.

I have started my homework on where to shop, and will be sharing soon, but you should get a head start. Visit The Good Trade. It’s a straight up list on some of the great companies you should be putting your money into. It’s easy. Just click on it. Do it.

I will be laying things out in a slightly different way, by doing a head to toe of where to shop for clothing, and be working with everything thing socks to tops. For dudes too, so don’t worry, one guy that reads this, I gotchu.

Please let me know if there is anything specific you want to see/buy. I will do the work for you, and find someone who is making it sustainably. Even if it’s not clothing, and you want to know where to buy sustainable sponges or something. Please note, if you are giving sponges for the holidays, we should talk.




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