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Photo Credit: Kirby Jenner

Photo Credit: Kirby Jenner

Hi team, hope it’s a good week so far. Tiff has the new album from A Tribe Called Quest on repeat. Forever. So now we have covered that. Cait just started watching This Is Us, which was a horrible mistake, and now she is addicted to ugly crying. So we are both pretty busy. Hope you all get to enjoy time with your families this week, even if they drive you nuts, love them.

I went to Bali, but these are some things you can do at home to avoid le burnout.

Whoa, new-old Prince.

Support national institutions!  And it’s so easy when you’ve got their Instagrams to see what they do.

Normally I say no to Black Friday, but Patagonia is donating all sales to environmental groups on Friday. So get up in there.

Grilled cheese with the Korean fermented chili pepper paste that lingers in the back corners of your fridge? Yes please.

Need spa-bathroom, stat.

Great inspiration for family photoshoot friendly locations! Thanks Joy!

Totally charmed by the stripes on stripes.

A great little story on caring, sharing and having a great Thanksgiving.

Things that make me feel like things will be ok, here and here.


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