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I’m sitting on my awesome mattress on the floor of my apartment, eating microwaveable tortellini and surrounded by boxes, suitcases, and a crock pot. I drove 9 hours today, from Tucson to Los Angeles, in a sexy minivan that I love so much I am considering keeping. I ate roughly 1/2 lb of peanut butter filled pretzels, confirmed my love of root beer, and reignited my relationship with the word “fucko.” It just works so well in traffic. 

On my travels, I also learned that the 90’s were 100% my musical decade, and I know WAY too many lyrics to pop songs. And not just one genre, oh no, I can go from No Doubt and Sublime, to KC and JoJo, Notorious B.I.G. and Mary J Blige. Yes, the visual of me upper-half dancing to “Notorious” in a silver Town and Country is awesome, glad you think so too. I can also do a perfect “Torn,” a very respectable “Tootsie Roll,” and I completely wreck shop on “Too Close” by Next. Your remember that song, don’t lie. Are you still interested in hearing what songs I can sing? Me nether. 

 Anyway, I encourage everyone to get Sirius Radio, and listen to channel 9, because it’s what my dreams are made of. 

I arrived and unpacked with the help of very new, and very amazing friends. One of them even brought a corgi puppy to help out! The dog was worthless in the moving department, but phenomenal in the finding my dirty socks and cuteness contest.   

That’s Gus. 

I’m tired and I was supposed to post about something that matters, but I may double up on you tomorrow. Who knows? It’s a crazy world. 

I hope you are all having an above-average Tuesday. Come visit me. But not yet. 

Xx, Cait

PS, that sweet dinosaur is only available at a crazypants truck stop somewhere outside of Phoenix. I got you one for your birthday. 


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