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Morning from sunny LA. It’s been quite the month, and I am not sorry to see November go. Watching my home country vote in the human equivalent of predatory, racist Cheeto dust was a real kick in the face, and I have since spent my time figuring out what exactly to do with the frustration, the anger, and the disappointment. The few days following, I threw money at the problem and donated to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and a few other good organizations who are doing something when I don’t know how to.

I am encouraged though, after seeing badass ladies and dudes refuse to give up. One of those badass ladies happens to be in my family. My sister-in-law, Eun Jung, is finishing up her yoga teaching training and decided to do something a little bit different, and bigger that yoga alone. She was compelled to bring her love of yoga and the yoga community into an effort to raise money for organizations that will be busy taking care of people over the years to come. This month, she starts organizing donation-based yoga classes wherever she can. This is all based in Chicago right now, but I know there are a number of yoga teachers/wellness peeps who read this blog, who could help spread this idea. She is working alongside other yoga instructors to create dynamic, meaningful classes, in order to raise much-needed money for these guys:

International Refugee Assistance Project (
Together Rising (
Campaign Zero
Lambda Legal
Sierra Club  (
Propublica (
National Women’s Law Center – (
Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund – (
Center for Reproductive Rights – (

The math goes something like this – 20 students per class at $20=$20k throughout a year to donate to amazing organizations. For more on this, check out

Here’s how you can help:

1. Join the FB group:
2. Follow on Instagram: warriorwonchicago
3. Volunteer studio time
4. Volunteer to teach
5. Show up for events
6. Volunteer to reach out to studios and teachers.

Dudes, this is a long road. Let’s Namastay involved.

Puns for Peace.



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