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Photo Credit: Imogen Lehtonen

Photo Credit: Imogen Lehtonen

Hello Monday! Hello new desk job (which I’m using to buy fancy camera things – see next item)! Hello new awesome lens!!!  I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was one filled with high quality ladies (and a couple of men), big and small and a lot of delicious things.  In Bangkok.  Which I’ve decided is my mega-Asian soul sister city.  I can’t wax poetic about how much I love it enough.

This little weekend away also reminded me about how much a love travel.  From the high and the low.  If Bangkok is a high, then a motorbike trip three rice paddies with homes that have suspicious electric situations is…a fun low.  That’s what this little (or perhaps a medium-sized) video from vlogger pro  Casey Neistat reminded me of.  He does a southeast Asia motorbike journey perfectly. Including a jerry-rigged cushion for the passenger of a not too comfortable single seater dirt bike  Plus this video is like a lighter millennial sibling to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.  It’s even inspired me to invest in some new gear so I can start turning our trips into cool little youTube affairs.  I hope this takes you out of your Monday lull.



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