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*A note to our Phnom Penh friends! The Christmas markets are still exploding and we think you should hit all of them. Our lady friend Katia has a holiday themed 5th edition of CULT happening on Thursday night, and we can’t forget to mention our favourite interiors-loving goddesses who run Abodia Lifestyle. They’ll be having a gorgeous Christmas Pop-Up on Sunday! (and guess what – our designer buddy Jane Heng will have her gorgeous ceramic goodies there too!)



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I mean, it’s a toy truck that carries tacos, I don’t know what else I really need to say. This gift works for kids and for 33 year olds alike, and for us old guys, pair that taco truck with a slick bottle of sweet and spicy booze. It honestly tastes like Christmas, but like, sexy Christmas. These two things do not pair well together, but this is the time for rule breaking, right? Instead of a themed gift that makes sense, give people the things they want: booze and a hilarious way to eat delicious tacos. No matter who gets this awesome gift, it’s going to be a mess, better get that awesome apron from Hedley & Bennett, and tell them I sent you because I really want to hang out with the cool lady that runs that shop. Speaking of cool people, did you hear that Penzey’s Spices took a political stance that’s kind of badass. I like giving my money to people who openly advocate for less hate in the world. Advocating for peace makes me feel a little snacky, probably a good idea to try the Snacker Bar from Liddabit Sweets. It’s like Snickers’ fancy, better looking, better tasting cousin, who knows exactly where to go in Brooklyn. Oh, and everyone needs salad spoons, I know it’s boring but these ones are made from bamboo, they stick right out of the stocking and cost you $11. Also if anyone tries to take your booze, you can defend your honor with them.



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One might say I’m a little obsessed with Molly Yeh. Yes I’m totally a fan girl.  Because she is just so darn awesome.  And that’s why she shows up on my gift guide for a second year. And I bet you’ll be buying her new cookbook for a baker, right? So get them some cute-as-funfetti cake stands from the peeps who brought you state-shaped cutting boards while you’re at it!  But maybe the person who likes sweets in your life has two left hands when it comes to baking?  Joy has been loving her monthly Japanese snack boxes and I think your sweet tooth would love them too. And for the person at your table who always delays eating so he or she can get the perfect shot – get the the ultimate gift: splurge for an international food photography course! Or go local if you prefer something a bit cheaper too! Otherwise, artisanal mustard and the most beautiful prints of fruit for the kitchen are always good additions.




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