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Photo Credit: Hannah Sider

Photo Credit: Hannah Sider

Hi team, hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday. It’s getting pretty damn cozy here in LA, and Cait is treating it like nuclear winter. Cait hasn’t worn sweaters in a long time, and takes an absurd amount of joy in all things cashmere, so that’s been fun. Tiff is getting used to desk life but at least bought some new toys to play with!  Check back in later today, we are starting our Gift Guides today!

These glasses are so cool.

One of my favourite (though thoroughly chilling) books in 2013 is now a movie!! With Emma Watson!

Parents coming to visit! Checking in on this cool list because I really don’t anything about the city yet.

Speaking of cities – next time in Bangkok!

I have very strong feelings for this dress.

Very much dig Susie’s words and feels on personal style.

These are gorgeous, and make me feel like I should try going to the west side. Maybe.

Really enjoyed this little piece from Bri on the joys of home ownership.

For when Tiff visits Cait and we run away to Palm Springs.

For when Cait comes back to Phnom Penh, we do this.


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