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I have had a thing against the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” for years. It’s catchy, yes, but this song is the holiday predator anthem. Have you listened to the words? They are straight up terrifying. Date-rape central up in there.

Awesome news though, this duo decided to remake the song, and changed the lyrics to a reasonable, respectful, very funny version, and even managed to incorporate pomegranate LaCroix, and The Cheesecake Factory into the song. See? It’s already better. Everyone loves LaCroix. Everyone.

I appreciated last year’s remake, with Lady Gaga, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and some gender-norm switching, but this version sends all the right vibes my way. Well, mostly the right vibes, I can’t get down with The Cheesecake Factory, that menu is exhausting and the cheesecake isn’t that good.

Happy (consentual) Holidays!




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