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Photo Credit: Samantha Wong

Photo Credit: Samantha Wong

It’s basically no secret that Thailand is one my favourite places and Bangkok has become my motherland substitute (all the awesomeness of Hong Kong, and perhaps more, without having to run into the most family members that you’re supposed to remember names of). So when our gorgeous awesome wonderful buddy Jane shared this video, I jumped all over its production company, Black Buddha. These guys (and ladies I hope too) are all about Asia.  The videos are crisp. I’m all about the light in this little piece about a market that lives and breathes with the trains that run through it.  And then a tiny little love song to Bangkok! I can’t wait to spend a good amount of office time going through every single city they cover. Because I’m all about cities (until I collapse from exhaustion and need some beach).

For those of you making your way to Asia for the holidays, check these guys out.



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