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Photo Credit:  Ernst Scheidegger

Photo Credit: Ernst Scheidegger

Good morning, American Wednesday. Night, Cambodia. Tiff is back in the field this week!  With the whole shebang of muddy feet, epic sunsets and the sweetest grannies. Cait is snuggled in her apartment today because it’s cold-ish outside and any excuse to drink coffee all day in jammies is good enough for her. The thrill of wearing sweaters has not worn off.

Rhiannon sent this to me this week and now I can’t wait to get together with her for a little day of drawing.

One of my best friends introduced me to Rent the Runway, and I am excited to say goodbye to all my money and be covered in sparkles.

I’m counting down the months to when I get to invade Cait’s life in LA.  I’m hoping she vets all these spots for me first.

I’m taking Tiff here when she comes to visit.

I’m kinda keen to make one of these iconic yet ironic drinks for myself.

Sometimes I lie and I drink this when I say I am drinking this because I get so sleepy.

For the days I might be stuck at a desk…some learning opportunities.

I was here for three hours last night and today my face looks about 15 cocktails younger. Tiff, you will come here with me.

Funny funny ha ha. Scroll scroll scroll.  Tho Kirby Jenner tops my list.

All day.


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