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T / the secrets underneath

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Photo Credit: Isadore Intimates

Because of an open secret of a type of photography I do now, I’ve started to pay attention to the things I wear underneath.  I read this fascinating article on Saudi Arabian women wearing the most expensive and baring of undergarments as a vehicle of empowerment, and thought about my own ever changing perceptions of my ever changing body. And suddenly…particularly this week…all I could think about was lingerie.  I did a deep dive into this new amazing world of independent designers making lingerie for all the women. I love the commitment to body empowerment they all seem to have.  The social good that some of them do is an added bonus. The fits With all these pretty things, I can grow up a bit from my cute American Eagle undies.  They’d also be a surprise for a certain someone else.  But really, I’m buying these for me.

It’s the holidays. You’re probably buying a heck ton of things for other people.  Treat yourself with a piece of pretty.


They are not training bras goddamnit.  I’ve had one that I bought to test the waters (I’m a 34B) and this new wave of lace and a decent amount of support have opened up a completely new world of feminity to me.  Sure they’re not for everyone, but there can definitely be a time and place for them.  Journelle makes the prettiest ones (look out for their sales!).  Lonely makes a good solid and bralette that you can wear every day inside and out.  And Isadore is the hyper hip east side of London-dwelling sister to all of these brands.

Wireless Bras by Journelle: Left, Middle, Right

Wireless Bras by Journelle: Left, Middle, Right


The High Waisted

I bought my first set of period panties this week!  And I owe it all to a tireless search for the perfect high waisted pair of undergarments.  As we all know, I gots hips.  And lately, I’ve been embracing them.  I also really dig cotton gussets and I don’t want to spend a crazy amount on underwear.  The high waisted panties from these designers does all of that.  I zeroed in on THINX in my quest for the perfect high-waisted panty because of their their minimal yet uber classy look.  I was looking for a mostly cotton pair that didn’t involve getting a garter out and having my hair styled like Betty Page.  And that’s how that happened. You’ve heard about the period panty right? THINX was the one that finally gave the Diva Cup a run for its money.  Hyper absorbent and anti-microbial lined panties designed for every different day of your cycle.  That’s what these guys are.  I can’t wait to give them a try!  Also, this gorgeous floral pair from Lonely are so adorable.  The lattice strap at the back seals the deal.  Also featuring a diversity of bodies (Lena Dunham! Jemima Kirke!) in their digitally untouched ad campaign doesn’t hurt either.

Hi-Waist by THINX (here and here)

Hi-Waist by THINX (here and here)

For the Minimalist

The other part of me lives in a hyper athletic future world where everything is uniform and monotone. Sexy is simple and spare.  That’s where these brands come along. I love the occasional flair that Lively brings, the commitment to health from Oddo (I’m so all about as much cotton as possible down there) and the all black ease of Land of Women.



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