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From Brene Brown

When people say things like “The magic is in the mess” to me, I have a hard time hearing it. Mostly because when receiving advice like this, I am usually covering my ears and yelling “I can’t hear you!” I’m super mature like that.

Despite my gut reaction to run away screaming from helpful words of kindness, it is very, very good advice.

In this especially messy holiday season, try to listen to that. I am going to try, and it might even work for 20 seconds. The messy stuff is the real stuff, and the real stuff is the only thing you need to see. Even if it sucks, see it, then work with it.

This projecting, obviously, because my own brain is filled with a mix of glitter and self-loathing, but be kind to yourself this holiday. Nothing will be perfect, because perfect isn’t real, but the people you love are. Hug them, call them, text them, send up an airplane with one of those banners on the back, whatever you want, but tell them that you love them. Even if it’s weird or uncomfortable, or maybe especially if it is.

Enough of that. Love you. Merry Happy everything.



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