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Photo by Tiff!

Hey Guys Hey!!! We hope you’re having a stellar holiday! Like you, we’re doing the ladies of leisure thing this week.  Except that’s not really true.  We’re gearing up for 2017 and we are so excited for all the new things we’ve got planned for the new year.  While we’re gone, check out all the things that we shared this past year!  And what a year it was!

We went to Nepal!  Cait ate momos, found pretty things and Tiff made postcards!

Cait debuted her first line! (here, here, here, and here!)

Tiff shot the best clients, like this pretty lady and these tiny pretty things!

Cait moved to LA, is doing all cool kid things and is enjoying much cooler climes while getting crafty.

Tiff started a coup, discovered the midnight sun, and ate, didn’t really pray but fell back in love with Bali.  And staycated in Phnom Penh. Naturally, she took all the photos.

Cait made JJ market so much easier for all of us.

And we continued to eat noodles.

Our guest posts (errr…friends we wrangled to write for us) were ace as they always are! John concocted delicious things from South Africa!  Alissa showed us all the delicious things in Istanbul. Koheun went the distance.  Kaitlyn wants us to listen healthy.

And Jen continued to blow our tastebuds away.

We hung out with the coolest and talented people who wield scissors and brushes and do a lot of good.  And took some photos for lovely gorgeous lady behind Good Krama.  And our buddies at Alchemy Design Co. achieved their Kickstarter!

Happy happy new year everyone! Thank you for clicking on all our stories! We’re excited to keep sharing all of our adventures next year!  See you next week!




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