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Photo Credit: Leeor Wild

What differentiates me from another photographer?  And more specifically: What differentiates me from a dude photographer?  It’s one of the main things I still think about every time I pick up my camera.  Through a few little life lessons, I’m starting to get it.  The difference, that is.  Because there is one and I started thinking about it a few months ago.

And I’m glad that people are finally beginning to take notice.  More specifically, I’m glad that lady photographers are beginning to take notice.  When peeps at my home town photographer collective The Creator Class shared this video, I was through the roof.  The Female Gaze. It is a thing.  It’s about how you shoot.  How you might make your models feel.  Empowerment is a big theme.  Stories too.  And seeing beyond the skin (especially when your photos involve a lot of that like mine sometimes do).  I’m so thrilled there’s now a forum for this and that people are indeed talking about it.  Yipppeee.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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