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Photo Credit: Yale Joel.

Photo Credit: Yale Joel.

I am a firm believer that every revolution should come with a soundtrack.  It’s Monday, and I’m still feeling the anxiety. It’s going to be a banner year for cardiologists and therapists this year because this anxiety is manifesting in every which way possible.  My own palpitations are going a little nuts and if I don’t find a rhythm to believe in, I’m heading towards some sort chest gripping episode.  Then my pal Sarah shared the few words of a great songstress this past weekend.  And I went into a deep dive of music.  I’ve arranged a collection of sorts to get me into the fighter mode.  These tunes come from all the genres and are interspersed the rebel yells of my mother’s own generation, with some calming melodies included to make sure we those veins don’t pop.  Happy Monday. Get in Formation.


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