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Tiff is doing all sorts of research for the big trip she’s doing in April.  And when she’s not doing that, she’s having heart palpitations because of the thing that’s happening this week. Cait is back in LA, after what has been a not-so-graceful start to the New Year. Things are picking back up, she is heads down in meditation and all kinds of self-loving hippie shit. Turns out, not being a monster to yourself is sort of good for you. Neat.

One of the best things I’ve read about life/work/health prioritizing.

Yay! Oprah is going to be back on TV!

16 amazing writers and everything they’ve got to say about that person who’s apparently the leader of the free world now.

WHAT? Give this to me.

It’s so fun seeing a friend’s kid sis make it awesome and big in the world of ceramics!

How are these all so true?

Dress like Diane Keaton. Yes please.

Ohhh, things I want to buy.

Packing resolutions.

On Feb 12, I will be here.



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