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Photo Credit: Diana Beltran Herrera

Photo Credit: Diana Beltran Herrera

Hi team! Happy Wednesday! I can only wish for the swag of that paper chicken. Tiff is having a rollercoaster of a week which has included general clutziness (boo), a new lens (yay), more general clutziness (boo) and awesome meals with with awesome people (yay).  So she’s basically a little bruised but generally happy. Cait is digging the cold and rainy vibes of LA these days, and snuggling into life. She is also working on finding a balance between staying aware of the political shit storm in the US, and staying sane. Any tips are appreciated. Have a great week!

Shiny! I want it.

I am through the moon about #immigrantfoodstories and cannot wait for the deep dive into all the dishes (and stories!)

These ladies are straight up amazing.

Congrats on my pal Sana on the re-launch of This Is Worldtown.  The new site is gorgeous!

Seriously? Really. REALLY?

Really looking forward to this Netflix series.

Zoe Kravitz is killing it.

I can’t wait to cry my heart out for this Hulu series.  Ugh, the dystopia just feels so real.

“By most definitions, Tom Hiddleston is…uncool.” But he sounds really nice.

Leandra stopped shopping too!



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