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Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures (and completely aspirational).

Somewhere in my mind, I decided that I should get into video.  I’d dabbled in it a couple of times, but it just seemed daunting.  Better let the pros take care of it.

Maybe it was because I was tired of the stop motion clips I was making.  Or maybe it was because I went total fangirl on Koheun and Justin’s gorgeous glimpses into their peripatetic life, while also living vicariously through this lady who gets all the fresh air.  And maybe somewhere along the way I met one of these guys and they said the magic words: “go for it.”  So I did.  I got a fancy (temporary!) traditional job that would help pay for all the gear.  And before I knew it, I got obsessed with wearing a GoPro while doing (almost) all the things.  I’m hoping to get better. I can’t wait to make things look brighter.  And sharper.  (The list of things that could be improved is neverending).  And I can’t wait to show you all the snapshots of these lives of Cait and I, of all the places we go.

Last Friday, my pal Adrienne suggested an impromptu drink in our neighbourhood’s new speakeasy.  I live in the [insert Williamsburg/Shoreditch/Kreuzberg/Noe Valley] of Phnom Penh.  Something is always opening.  It generally involves someone impossibly hip and in suspenders.  So I decided to start a brand spanking new series of all the wonderful local haunts.  Here’s my first stab at it (and you can see all the other mostly Crossfit-inspired stabs here).  I wouldn’t be doing any of this without all of your support.  So here’s to hoping that these videos only get better over the next year.

Tiff Does Happy Hour – Nissai Bar from Tiffany Tsang on Vimeo.


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