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Photo Credit: Craig McDean for Interview.

I am spending this week wearing Hawaiian shirts.  Because of, you know, that little project of mine.  But really, I aspire to go minimal.  Cait’s totally mastered this.  Minimal for me, usually means, stripes?  But ever since these gorgeous trousers came out, I’ve had an end goal in mind.

Sofia Coppola is a person who is the queen of the effortless, minimal chic.  I was 15 when The Virgin Suicides came out and she became the woman I wanted to be.  All that ethereal lighting in her films!  Then I turned 18, got rid of the skater boy clothes and noticed what she wore.  She gets menswear.  Yet the dresses she wears always convey a sense of girl-ish femininity.  She also gets wearing just greys, blacks and whites. Only.  Maybe some blues are thrown in there.  She was freaking Marc Jacobs’ muse in his early days, and a style icon of the 90s in her own rite.  She was married to Spike Jonze and is now with Thomas Mars.  Both pair with her like the Stan Smiths on her feet. Yes I just compared her men to accessories.  I don’t even know why I mentioned the men in her life because her work completely stands on its own.  She’s always seemed like the cool girl that I could get to be.  Accessible. Attainable.

sofia-everydaysofia-coppola1You can even see bits of her in the female protagonists that dominate her films.  Make up is always minimal.  The lines are always clean.  There is an indelible sense of her in Elle Fanning, Scarlett Johansson and Kirsten Dunst through them all.  It’s uniform by diffusion.

sofia-cinematicAnd as she’s grown up since The Virgin Suicides, that aesthetic has persisted.  And it’s clearly genetic since her niece Gia collaborated with equally clean minimal brand, Everlane, this past year.

sofia-workingSo while I’m still going to have the pops of colour somewhere.  I can’t wait to find that perfect pair of black trousers that barely skim my ankles and where them all the freaking time. But that men’s shirt on top will be totally tiki in its print. 


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