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Artwork Credit: Malika Favre via Oh Joy.

Artwork Credit: Malika Favre via Oh Joy.

Good morning/middle of the night. Cait and Tiff are planning their reunion in LA, and the amount of lists going into this trip is getting out of control. Plans are getting made! Tiff is still shooting all the babies. (With her camera, in case you are new to the blog.) Cait is prepping for some travel next week, including a very random trip to Grand Cayman. I guess two months is too long to go without profusely sweating from the face. Enjoy your week!

I wanna make hygge all over these cottages.

Badass ladies giving a sartorial middle finger to whatshisface.

Why that steak matters.  (I like mine rare and as bloody as possible, btw).

RUN! Zady is having their winter sale and things are 40% off.

I love this podcast so much and I’m so happy that there are other weird ladies out there like me.  And this also matters.

Pretty effing psyched about heading to New York in May for this.

Fonts. Fonts. All the Fonts.

I haven’t craved something so desperately in a while. Take me to Ojai.

Work has picked up in a big way lately, and I’m completely in agreement with this.

Cait’s recent health kick is forcing her away from donuts, and into the arms of salmon. Luckily, there are delicious recipes like this one out there.


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