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I get caught up in my head a lot, and it gets in the way of getting work done. Even for writing this today, I started a few pieces, then deleted them, then got a snack, and sat down at the computer, assuming it would tell me what to do. It’s not my favorite pattern, though I did get to eat a tiny ice cream sandwich, so it wasn’t a total wash.

I am not the first person to over think things, or to mentally (and sometimes physically) stand in the way of my own progress or goals. With my weird, overly flexible schedule right now, I have tried imposing small goals for the day, timelines, and rules to keep me on track, but nothing has really stuck.

Until this.

I have seen this before, a number of times, but it came back to me the other day, when after procrastinating so hard I was annoying myself, I said “JUST DO IT” to myself. The thought of Shia LaBeouf having his shit together more than I do is enough motivation to get my work done.

Happy Saturday!


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