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I am currently on a work trip to the Cayman Islands. That has nothing to do with this post, I just wanted to write it.

En route to this gorgeous tax haven, I stopped in Miami. I visited Miami a few times when I was in grad school in New York, and was looking a little too much like a Twilight extra. I would come down for a weekend, soak up sun, drink something out of a coconut, and then head back to the city. I never really explored enough, and I certainly never went to Wynwood.

Let me say first, that I also did not explore Miami on this recent trip. I walked around one small neighborhood for about 20 minutes, got a coffee, and then got on a flight to the Cayman Islands, for a work trip. Did I mention that I am in the Cayman Islands for a work trip yet? Anyway, my lovely tour guide, Megs, walked me around one of the most shockingly beautiful neighborhoods I have ever seen. Whole buildings are covered in patterns, and some of the warehouses are covered in straight up dreams.

Here are a few medium-ok photos I grabbed this morning that do the work absolutely no justice whatsoever. me b4 coffeequeenprettynessstripescolorzz

If you find yourself in Florida, 1. ask an adult for help, 2. try to vote, 3. go get coffee at Panther and cruise the neighborhood. I will be back there next week, when I return from my work trip in the Cayman Islands. It’s hard being such a grown up all the time.





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