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Artwork Credit: Itamar Freed via Miss Moss.

Hi team, hooray for Wednesday! You are halfway there! This week is feeling long on our end, but I suppose that happens when you never know what day it is. Tiff is deep in at least 5 billion photos to edit this week, which is honestly kind of impressive. Cait has been flying around more than she wants to recently, and happy to get on the last plane ride for a while tonight. She loves LA, almost as much as she loves typing in third person. Hope you have a wonderful week!

This hat for April!

I am in love.

Typography again! This time it’s the bloody weapon in the Oscar’s flub!

Walk like this into every room.

I’m (supposed to be) clean eating this month, and I can’t wait to make this!

I’m not eating clean this month, and just ate all of this.

Reasons why I spend at least $20 each week on coffee.

Hey, Tiff, we are going here. Get all that clean eating out of the way now.

This weekend, my closet. This way.  Thank you Marie Kondo.

I want dis.



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