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Artwork Credit: Warren King via HonestlyWTF

This week, Tiff is making bookings for that big trip in April! Cait is just staring at the clock and waiting for time to pass and Tiff gets here. Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!

The first three months of 2017 have been a sprint for me.  So I’m investing in this.

I’m excited for this! I love Brie Larson.

Now that I have a desk job…this.

I used to laugh at horoscopes, but then I read my life as it is happening here. I am also freaked out that someone is watching me. Almost too spot on.

Hey Cait – let’s make a trip like this happen sometime!

Ok, Tiff!

This classic makes me cry.  Probably even harder in this day and age.

Lamé tuxedo. Lamé tuxedo. 

It’s 50°C here now.  But all I want his some hygge loungewear.



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