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Photo Credit: Redwolf Tees via Miss Moss

Good morning. It’s sunny and hot in LA, and because it’s the middle of the night in Cambodia, it’s probably dark and hot. Busy week for both of us, and Cait is prepping for the invasion of Cambodian friends next week. You may be familiar with one of them.  Tiff is currently counting 10,9,8….

Temperatures are only rising in PP this month.  Here’s everything I will wear and not wear.

OOOO fancy tops. Fun fun.

It’s self imposed Romper Week, so I’m hungry for this.

I started watching this last week, and now I need 13 wigs.

This wonderful cover has been in my ears all week.

This album has been on non-stop in my house, and it goes very well with candles.

More things I want to wear!  Feet edition!

Maxine Waters is my hero.

Low key Tokyo is exactly what I want right now.

I want dis. Gimme dat.



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