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Photo Credit: Tiffany Tsang

So I’ve taken a bajillion photos now.  No I’m serious.  They’re on three different very large capacity hard drives that I’m more than protective about.  My preciouses.  And I’m always telling myself, MAKE PRINTS.  And sure, I’ve given a bunch out as gifts.  But seriously – I haven’t had the time to go and make a collection of the favourites.  Because there are a bunch.  And isn’t it a completely different feeling to look at a photo that’s in your hand or on a wall?  I just love how photos develop so uniquely on different media.  You could even print them on a leaf if you wanted! So when I saw this little video on Artifact Uprising’s new recycled paper printing option, I thought – okay I should probably get printing.

So while I’m at it, I thought I’d share some of my favourite photo printers out there. Printing is hard.  There are so many things to consider and I’ve definitely failed at it before.  These guys are pros, but not just that.  They’re definitely not your drug store nor your big box. They have something to offer for everyone.  I get asked about printing a fair bit, so I thought I’d share some faves today.

Photo Credit: Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo.

Pinhole Press is my favourite for families.  As Cait likes to say, I shoot a lot of babies, so I love that these guys offer board books! Cuz, you know…drool.  I love Jo’s idea of putting all the family members in them.

Photo Credit: Casey Broadley for Oh Joy (here and here).

Artifact Uprising is for the VSCO generation.  Slightly more discerning.  Lots of curation.  This is exactly where I’d put all the life photos.  But that’s just me.  I dig AU’s attention to detail.  How high quality each production is.  And they do everything from prints to cards, calendars and books.  All with a minimalist and clean aesthetic.

Photo Credit: Chatbooks

Chatbooks is the new kid on the blog.  And I’m telling everyone to get them made.  These guys are for all the photos on your phone or Instagram.  And with prices as low as $8 for your first 30 photos? Of course!

PS – here’s a brilliant tip from the ladies at A Beautiful Mess on how to blow up your prints if you wanna make that pineapple HUGE.


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