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Artwork Credit: Heather Sundquist.

It’s still Monday somewhere, right?  In fact I think it’s still Monday where Cait is, so this post still reaches its deadline.

I am back.  At home (or rather, the office). In Cambodia.  We arrived in the dead of night, and of course this brain decided to turn on promptly at 4am.  I wasn’t quite sure where I was for the first 30 seconds.  Which Airbnb?  What part of California?  But the moment I stepped into the living room of our little wooden house in Phnom Penh, there was a sigh of relief.  I was home.

This three week trip through the western edge of the United States was exactly what I needed.  In four words: I GOT TO SEE CAIT.

But it was time for me to come back, hit the restart button and start contemplating a new normal.  I can’t wait to share with you every single new thing, and all of the discontents (read: anxiety and excitement in equal measure) that accompany change, uncertainty and forward movement.

In the meantime, here’s a little sonnet about home, from a favourite singer of mine, in his gorgeous little abode in the little neighbourhood that caught me just three weeks ago.  I hope your home is a sanctuary too.


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