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C/ not according to plan

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HI. It’s nice being back after our little break. Having Tiff here was a dream, I miss her now and and a little bit annoyed that she hasn’t moved to LA yet.

I planned on taking time today to write something meaningful about the strength of friendship, how much it means to have someone who really knows you, and what an amazing time we had, playing in the desert. But I can’t do that right now. Know why?

BECAUSE I JUST SPLIT MY GODDAMN PANTS. Right up the middle, and it made that super loud ripping sound, like in the movies.  I am supposed to go to a party tonight where there is something like 80lbs of cheese waiting for me, and now I have to find something to fit around the lower half of my body. I’m thinking of just taking a bed sheet or an extra sail that I have lying around and wrapping it around my body like the Little goddamn Mermaid.

Welcome back to the blog, I will try to contribute something of slightly higher value later in the week. Maybe.




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