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Photo Credit: Marta Greber

Oh my gosh. We’re back and it feels so good! Tiff is catching up on the Internet, because apparently she wasn’t at a desk clicking and clicking and clicking for the past 3 weeks. Cait bounced to the midwest for two weeks after Tiff and Co left, babysitting and maid-of-honoring, and is now back in LA, just in time to go to New York. When she moved to LA, she said she was going to stop traveling so much and just stay in one damn place, but she is clearly full of shit.

Just joined the Adidas fan club and even more happy about it because of this.

The Met Gala was Monday, in case you don’t have the internet. I am still pouring over photos, and though I have STRONG opinions on the best dressed, I am thrilled at all the crazy on the red carpet.

Buy this gorgeous book.

Such a great little mediation on what it means to write about your own culture’s food.

Cait will be in New York for a, um, New York minute (sorry) this weekend for this awesome conference. If she doesn’t see you she’s sorry.

Madonna in the making!

Oh this slideshow is actually better.

After traveling across continents with huge pieces of luggage, I should learn a bit of this.

Ok, I really want someone to describe me as Wilson Phillipsy before I die. And YAY HAIM!

OMG I can’t wait to see this.

In case you didn’t have enough reasons to love Seth Meyers.


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