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Tiff is planning out all her California stories. But her head is still in the desert (obviously, see above). Cait is snuggling into LA this week, it’s been chilly and cloudy and it is not working for her cliché expectations of the city. How the hell is a girl supposed to get a tan with clouds? Hope you have a great week, full of sunshine, but not so much that it feels like Cambodia in May (Sorry, Tiff.)

For the hermit weekends. 

Helpful advice for time in the sun, since one of us has spent the last few years impersonating Powder.

I could probably eat these guys for breakfast forever.

Heading here tomorrow, and cannot wait to dive into all the pretty/healthy.

This would make for the perfect kinda Sunday.

Busy Phillips has the best Instagram stories in the game. Tune in now for Alanis karaoke.

As usual, love this site for getting all creepy into the lives on creatives.

Can’t wait for season two.

I love a chunk of these influential design ladies.

Even though it’s chilly in LA, I am dreaming of all Mara Hoffman everything.


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