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Photo Credit: Alice Gao

Maybe it’s because I’m in a little travel withdrawal.  Or perhaps a little annoyed that The XX decided to be in LA while I was San Francisco, and in San Francisco while I was in LA.  And that we missed Nicolas Jaar in Joshua Tree by a day.  Not cool. I also probably have a little bit of travel envy (care of this lady).  In any case, I miss seeing live music.  I’m in the middle of a massive craving and I haven’t managed to squeeze in a Rhiannon performance yet.

So I had to do a good solid binge on La Blogotheque.  They’re Take Away Shows (this is a fave) have been on my deck for the past few years, sometimes for a little taste of the City of Lights.  And this year, they unleashed their Soirée de Poche catalog, otherwise known as a series of Pocket Sized Evenings.  And I cannot believe they’ve been hiding years of acoustic live shows in intimate venues around Paris.  If you’re missing this kind of experience, and I know a few who are, then this is worth a binge.  Beirut, Vampire Weekend, Father John Misty.  All the favourites.  I can’t even begin to describe how happy these medium sized pieces of music make me.  Here’s a morsel.  You’ll also get a jolt and perhaps an addiction to Paris as well while you’re at it.


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