cait +tiff


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Photo Credit: Aaron Tilley for Kinfolk.

HI WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY! Tiff is officially back at it and shooting up all of Phnom Penh. Cait spent this Wednesday like a real professional, by getting a little tipsy on the beach in Malibu and destroying a bunch of seafood and texting people. It’s good to be a grown up. Hope you all had an equally happy day.

Such a great idea for packing!!!

How many time have I listened to this song this week? Infinity.

Wu Tang Clan’s sign language interpreter.  Drop mic.

Thoughts on boobs.

Thing I want for swim suit season…which is year round for me):)

I don’t usually care about this stuff, but I am still a little buzzed from the beach and she is WAY TOO GOOD FOR HIM.

Look ma, it’s cool to have multiple careers.

This is my favorite headline. Wait, no this is. 

All the ethical and sustainable fashion!

This collection makes me wish I tried to be a rodeo queen.


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