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I had a whole other post ready to go, but then I saw that TLC has just released a new song, and I can’t imagine anything more important for me to share. It’s called “Way Back” and it is great, and it was funded by Kickstarter and it wouldn’t even matter if it were bad, I would like it anyway.

I love that T-Boz is hanging on tight to that hair cut, and that Chilli is still rocking the cargo pants with the crop top, and WILL NOT give up on body jewelry. I miss the hell out of Left Eye, and it’s weird to hear their music without her, but that’s sort of an every day thing. The song feels exactly the way it’s supposed to feel, reminiscent of a time when NYT Breaking News alerts didn’t give me cold sweats, and I wasn’t constantly worried that a game show host was lighting the world on fire. Also, Snoop shows up somewhere in the middle and that’s a nice touch.

TLC, Prince, and En Vogue made up the bulk of my sex education. (The Arizona school system wasn’t exactly progressive on the subject.) Listening to Creep, Diggin’ On You, and Red Light Special gave me a lot to think about as an awkward teen, and I am pretty sure solidified my lifelong obsession with good pajamas.

So I hope you enjoy their new song, or at least sends you down a TLC YouTube spiral, like it has done for me today.

I am THIS CLOSE to remembering the rap from Waterfalls. THIS CLOSE.





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